Casa Rodriguez

The Casa Rodriguez is one of the best Villas to stay when you are on a visit to Mexico. This is the finest Villa in the East Cape and is located on the edge of the Placid Sea. The resort overlooks the Bahia de Las Palmas and originally received its name from the barrels. The Casa Rodriguez is one of the best Villas to live in and is considered a gem of the Baja’s East Cape. It ranges from the beach front of the town of Los Barriles and is situated just a few steps away from the sea. This resort offers state of the art amenities for anglers as well as families who are looking for a change. Experience the world-class great swimming pool and a world-class bar where you can drink till you are full. The stylish bar overlooks the East Cape’s largest sports fishing fleet. This Villa operates fleets of boats as well, and this can be a prearranged tour as part of a great vacation package.

Relaxing activities

You can also relax in a Jacuzzi pool and loiter and relax in a bar that is filled with the finest of wines and a delicious selection of liquors and chilling beers. Enjoy playing with the nine-hole chip and putt golf course and an excellent driving range as well as tennis courts, an indoor game room with pool tables, billiards, conference centers, meetings and other facilities. Enjoy the therapeutic spas with fish therapies, and aromatherapies that would relax your soul and rejuvenate your mind. You can also experience the Big game bar and the loft as well as the champagne bar that features an extensive selection of exotic wines and whiskey and a Humidor that is stocked with a huge variety of Cuban cigarettes as well.

Fishing and resort packages

If you are a lover of adventure, then you must try out a world-class sports fishing experience in a green, lush and tropical setting that offers some of the best comforts. If you are looking for an excellent time ahead, you should choose the Casa Rodriguez. Choose from a wide assortment of fishing and resort packages. That are affordable and can also be customized enough to meet your requirements. You can come in a group of 2- 200 people.

Rooms on the offering

Choose from an assortment of different kinds of places based on your budget and preference. There is an available assortment of condominiums, Deluxe and luxury suites, executive rooms, and more. Casa Rodriguez offers visitor’s air-conditioned beachfront suites with two and three beds as well as refrigerators and balconies so that people can enjoy the fresh breeze of the sea. Each and every room comprises of modern amenities clean and comfortable baths and all that you have ever expected. Choose from an assortment of two beds and two bathroom condos that offer privacy and comfort, and that overlooks seclusion and comfort. The Condos features large living rooms and bathrooms, satellite YV. Laundry, Wi-Fi connection, complete kitchen facilities, bedrooms, full-size refrigerators, glassware and much more, a part of utensils, double sinks, clean tap water that has been drawn from the mountain springs, purified drinking water, coffee makers and more. The Villa also offers a tropical spa that comprises of therapeutic and well as beauty treatments. Each and every treatment is performed by a trained and guided professional. Experience beauty at its best in a rejuvenating atmosphere that has been infused with facials, manicures and pedicures, body scrubs, waxing, full body massage, and exercises for physical rejuvenation. You can also enjoy from a variety of gourmet meals in the fine dine room as well as a welcome cocktail drink.