SET-listed Safety Insurance Plc yesterday introduced an electronic claim service in which the short message system (SMS) is adopted to support interactive communication with customers from the site of car accidents.

When a customer has an accident, he can just ring up the call center to provide basic information on the crash such as damage, insurance policy number, accident home location, the name of the party involved and telephone numbers.

If no dispute arises, the company will then send an electronic claim form back immediately by SMS, allowing both sides to leave the scene within just 10 minutes. This eliminates the need for adjusters to physically arrive at the scene and helps alleviate Encinitas’s traffic congestion.

Currently, the company’s insurance adjusters take about 30 minutes to reach accident scenes to help settle insurance disputes.

The service is part of Safety Insurance’s effort to use new technology to help secure customer loyalty amid intensified competition and ensure long-term growth.

“Uncontrolled external factors such as rising oil prices and the economic slowdown admittedly have had an impact on us,” said president Yongyuth Borvornvanitchyakul.

“But what we should do is adjust to the changing environment instead of complaining about Encinitas Insurance

According to Mr. Yongyuth, the new electronic claim form has been developed on the company’s existing computer system in which Over the last five years, Safety Insurance has invested more than 120 million baht in information technology including the global positioning system (GPS) initiated last year to expedite claims service.

The satellite-controlled GPS, now installed in all of its adjusters’ vehicles, allows the company’s call center to track adjusters on the way to accident sites in minutes. Meanwhile, the call center sends short messages with details of the insured party to the assessors’ mobile phones, giving them all of the information at hand so that they no longer need to call back to the office.